Sunday, October 27, 2024

1:00-2:00 p.m

A. Health & Wellness Programming in Affordable Housing

Residents of subsidized senior housing communities are at high risk for poor health outcomes and functional challenges due to their low incomes, advanced ages, and racial and ethnic diversity. This session will present an alternative. Presenters will share research showing that health and wellness programming activities in affordable housing communities can improve quality of life and enhance the ability of residents to perform activities of daily living. Representatives from three LeadingAge provider organizations will offer an overview of affordable housing-based programs that connect residents with education, technology, programming, and community resources. Presenters will provide guidance on program startup, implementation, and performance tracking and explore how to ensure that program models meet specific community needs.

  • Judy Collett-Miller, Director of Technology Innovation, Parker Health Group, Inc.
  • Alisha Sanders, Director of Program Design, Evaluation & Strategy, Volunteers of America National Services
  • Amanda Oberg, LivWell Program Manager - Affordable Housing, Springpoint Senior Living