Sunday, October 27, 2024

1:00-2:00 p.m

A. Helping Frontline Caregivers Navigate Microaggressions

Many frontline professional caregivers have experienced microaggressions at one time or another while working in senior living organizations. These everyday slights, insults, and putdowns generally come from well-intentioned individuals who may be unaware they have engaged in demeaning ways. Intended or not, microaggressions can profoundly impact individuals across a wide range of identities. This session will delve into the nature of microaggressions and offer actionable strategies to help individuals and leaders address them. Presenters will demonstrate a mindfulness technique that helps professional caregivers proactively address and cope with microaggressions. You’ll return home better able to recognize the manifestations and impact of microaggressions and create a proactive and supportive environment for frontline caregivers in your organization.

  • Marsha Wesley Coleman, Dir of Leadership Development & Training, Friends Services Alliance
  • Jennifer Jimenez Marana, CEO/Founder, Marana Consulting