Sunday, October 27, 2024

2:30-3:30 p.m

B. Do You Need Better Board Members or Better Board Processes?

How can senior living organizations help their boards lead in times of change? This session will help you investigate how new board processes, not necessarily new board members, could help your organization develop best-in-class governance. You’ll gain tips for maintaining the board’s strategic oversight, holding discussions that make the best use of board member skills, using committees to advance broader decision-making, and setting expectations to ensure board members remain connected to the organization. Let CEOs and board chairs tell you about the processes they’ve used to create high-quality boards, how to recognize the signs of declining board effectiveness, and how to attract effective board members.

  • Diane Burfeindt, Managing Principal, Trilogy Connect
  • Doug Leidig, President & CEO, Asbury Communities, Inc.
  • Daphne Schneider, Secretary, Board of Directors, Emerald Communities