Sunday, October 27, 2024

2:30-3:30 p.m

B. Harnessing the Strength of Leaders from All Generations

The field of aging services is preparing to welcome a new generation of professionals as record numbers of its current leaders get ready to retire. These new leaders will bring a range of perspectives to their leadership roles. This session will help you make the most of these varying perspectives. Panelists will include a baby boomer with 40 years of service, a Gen X executive with over 25 years of experience, and a Millennial/Gen Z administrator. Speakers will explore the impact of generational differences on organizations and the importance of creating environments where these differences can be shared and appreciated. Discover how your organization can shape the future by harnessing the strengths of all generations.

  • Jere' Hales, Chief Operating Officer, Lambeth House
  • Scott Crabtree, CEO/President, Lambeth House
  • Cayla Scott Kennedy, Administrator, St. Anna's at Lambeth House