Sunday, October 27, 2024

2:30-3:30 p.m

B. ValueBased Care: Transforming Aging Services at the Bedside

Medicare Advantage, accountable care organizations, and other value-based care payment models are playing a growing role in aging services. However, the aging services model must change significantly before providers can successfully transition from a volume-focused fee-for-service approach to one that supports prevention and population health management. This session will explore the policy, technology, and clinical changes necessary for a successful transition. Presenters will describe technologies that could enable providers of aging services to access real-time data and provide virtual access to specialty care, all at the bedside. They will also introduce you to the models and technologies that promise to transform care delivery, teach you about potential barriers to delivery system transformation, and give you reasons for optimism.

  • Fred Bentley, Managing Director, ATI Advisory
  • Tom Haithcoat, President, Ceptor Consulting, LLC
  • Adam Perry, Health Policy & Aging Fellow, ATI Advisory