Sunday, October 27, 2024

4:00-5:00 p.m

C. Are Residents Welcome to Help You Govern and Lead?

Now and in the future, new senior living models will be driven by the needs and preferences of a diverse population of older adults who differ markedly from previous generations. These “New Age Older Adults” will live longer than their predecessors, actively pursue purposeful longevity, want control over their lives, and seek to be involved in their senior living community’s governance, leadership, and decision-making. During this session, senior living CEOs and resident leaders will explain how these new older adults influence governance structures and leadership models in their organizations. Presenters will share the collaborative leadership and governance innovations they are undertaking and describe how they balance resident participation with their organization’s legal responsibilities.

  • Olivia Mastry, Founder, The Collective Action Lab
  • Jane Mack, President/CEO, Friends Services Alliance
  • Daniel Murray, CEO/President, Pennswood Village
  • Steven Fuller, CEO, Army Residence Community