Sunday, October 27, 2024

4:00-5:00 p.m

C. Become a “GoTo” Resource for Prospective Residents

Is your life plan community looking to reach an untapped market of younger prospects and retain current wait-list depositors—all while generating revenue? Consider following the example of Ingleside, a multisite organization in the nation’s capital. Ingleside partnered with a provider of concierge services to offer current and future residents of its life plan communities a variety of on-demand services—from dog walking and grooming to help with downsizing and decluttering. This session will explore Ingleside's choice to partner with an outside vendor rather than buying or building its concierge program from scratch. Presenters will show you how current and future residents shaped the service menu and how the concierge program helped Ingleside amplify its brand as the “go-to resource” for prospects and their families.

  • Hersh Fernandes, CEO, Dorvie, Inc
  • Christen Milstead, Marketing Coordinator, Ingleside
  • Kristin Shanks, Director of Sales, Ingleside