Sunday, October 27, 2024

4:00-5:00 p.m

C. Drive Occupancy with JourneyBased Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a strategic approach that uses information, tools, and relevant content to help sales teams sell more effectively. This session will illustrate why it’s essential for multisite aging services organizations to develop and implement an intentional sales enablement strategy focusing on the customer experience. Presenters will share best practices for providing high-value content that supports the customer journey at all phases and improves conversion using a playbook that can be assessed, measured, and optimized over time. Learn how to increase occupancy by building monthly content calendars focused on topics that will motivate your audiences, targeting marketing efforts to influencers like adult children, and using owned, earned, and paid media to create an ideal inbound experience for prospective residents.

  • Trisha Haber, Group Account Director, ThomasARTS
  • Paul Barlow, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Transforming Age
  • Kelly Ornberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Oakmont Management Group