Sunday, October 27, 2024

4:00-5:00 p.m

C. Saving the Planet One Life Plan Community at a Time

Wake Robins, a life plan community in Shelbourne, VT, is committed to nurturing and protecting the environment. This session will provide an overview of how the community lives out that commitment in its daily operations and through resident engagement committees promoting climate change awareness. Presenters will showcase the community’s earth-friendly groundskeeping practices, which emphasize the use of native plants, herbicide-free care, a comprehensive forestry plan, and electric lawn maintenance. They’ll share the results of the Flexible Load pilot program Wake Robins is implementing with its local electric company and its strategies to reduce food waste through composting and biodigesters. You’ll hear about the community’s success stories, challenges, and lessons learned on its journey to environmental sustainability.

  • Leslie Parker, Director of Environmental Services, Wake Robin
  • Meagan Buckley, President & CEO, Wake Robin
  • Steve Silverman, Resident, Wake Robin