Monday, October 28, 2024

3:00-4:00 p.m

E. Combatting Social Isolation in Your Community

Senior living communities work hard to create opportunities for residents to connect socially while receiving the supportive services they need. However, some residents experience social isolation as they struggle to transition into senior living. This session will share best practices to improve resident engagement. Presenters will discuss the need to assess residents regularly for social isolation and to marshal the tools needed to help those residents engage with the community. They will introduce you to two of those tools: therapeutic counseling, which can improve the well-being of residents at risk for social isolation, and social companion robots, which can help supplement the in-person delivery of services, alleviate loneliness, and motivate residents to pursue behaviors that improve their well-being.

  • Stacey Judge, , Springpoint Senior Living
  • Eric Allgair, Senior Vice President, Elder Life Management
  • Adam Cige, Project Success Manager, Intuition Robotics/ElliQ