Monday, October 28, 2024

3:00-4:00 p.m

E. Storytelling: A Bridge to Engage MultiGenerational Donors

Nonprofit organizations must adapt to the changing landscape of donor engagement, and storytelling can help. This session will help your organization take a more inclusive approach to developing strong relationships with an increasingly diverse group of donors. A senior living executive and an institutional investment expert will show you how to craft narratives that resonate with individuals of varying backgrounds and ages, from Baby Boomers to Zoomers. Delve into the unique characteristics and preferences of today’s donors and learn how to tell stories that build emotional connections. Discover the power of videos, podcasts, and interactive digital platforms to convey your organization’s mission and impact.

  • Sarah Bujold, Marketing Manager, Westpath Institutional Investments
  • JD Shuman, President & CEO Asbury Foundation, Asbury Communities, Inc.