Monday, October 28, 2024

3:00-4:00 p.m

E. Your Lifecycle Stage: What is it and Why Does It Matter?

What stage in the Nonprofit Lifecycle does your organization find itself? Is it a young organization at the Idea Stage or the Startup Stage? Or has it moved into the Growth, Maturity, Stagnation, or Decline stages? Knowing the answer to these questions can help your organization develop critical capacity-building, growth, and regeneration strategies that could contribute to its long-term strength and sustainability. This session will help you identify your organization’s current Lifecycle Stage and explore strategies to help you keep moving forward. Two LeadingAge member organizations—one at the Growth Stage and the other at the Maturity Stage—will describe how their boards aligned their planning processes with their Lifecycle Stage to adopt regeneration strategies for their organizations.

  • Beverly Asper, Director, Baker Tilly
  • Alicia Titus, Chief Experience Officer, Messiah Lifeways
  • Nadia Geigler, CEO, The Admiral at the Lake