Monday, October 28, 2024

4:30-5:30 p.m

F. Merge Fitness and Rehab for Optimal Resident WellBeing

Rehabilitation services and fitness activities are often provided by separate departments of a life plan community. This session will present a different approach: merging fitness and rehabilitation services into a single department designed to ensure that residents receive early assessments of their fall and injury risks, use the right services at the right time, and spend more years enjoying optimal well-being. Presenters will show you how to develop a comprehensive wellness-based model for all levels of care by combining the skills of fitness and rehabilitation professionals. You’ll learn how to set formal expectations for a new Fitness-Rehabilitation Department and develop a business plan that addresses training needs, budgetary considerations, and marketing opportunities aimed at current and prospective residents.

  • Connie Rasmussen, Regional Director of Rehabilitation Services, Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Inc.
  • Kimberly Huff, Director of Fitness & Wellness, Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Inc.
  • Patricia Alderson, Corporate Director of Rehabilitation and Ancilliary Services, Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Inc.