Monday, October 28, 2024

4:30-5:30 p.m

F. Two Campuses, One Community: The Piper Shores Story

Piper Shores, Maine’s first and only nonprofit life plan community, experienced solid growth, impressive financial performance, and positive Fitch ratings during its first 21 years of operations. After evaluating the community’s long-term stability, the Piper Shores board of directors and senior management decided that it made sense to expand the organization by building a new 45-acre campus called The Meadows across the street. This session will showcase the strategic, development, financial, and operational plans that preceded this major expansion. Presenters will share how they made decisions about the expansion and how residents worked together to build a sense of community across two campuses.

  • Philip Jean, CEO/President, Piper Shores
  • Richard Betz, Chair of Resident Association, Piper Shores
  • Rod Wendt, Resident, Piper Shores
  • Susan Russell, Resident, Piper Shores