Tuesday, October 29, 2024

3:00-4:00 p.m

H. Repositioning a Life Plan Community? Call an Actuary

It’s natural to call in a development consultant to provide the expert advice you need when expanding or repositioning your life plan community. But it’s also wise to consider adding an actuary to your planning team. This session will explore why your community must consider changing consumer expectations, actuarial-driven data, and regional market conditions when planning a new project. Presenters will show you how an actuary can help you navigate the complexities of planning for residents’ future healthcare utilization and creating appropriately priced contracts. Learn how to take sophisticated approaches to financial screening and discover how to manage your community’s risk while helping prospective residents find a retirement option they can afford.

  • Robert Leake, CFO, Duncaster Retirement Center
  • Tyler Zentz, Lead Actuarial Consultant, Continuing Care Actuaries
  • Heather Zoeller, Director - Advisory Services, OnePoint Partners