Tuesday, October 29, 2024

3:00-4:00 p.m

H. Targeted Digital Media: The Secret to Marketing Success

John Knox Village, a life plan community in Kansas City, MO, has succeeded in increasing the engagement of prospective residents, optimizing lead quality, increasing sales, and boosting marketing results. During this session, the community’s sales and marketing team will share the secret to its success: advanced technology and targeted digital media. Marketing and financing experts will join the conversation to describe how senior living communities nationwide can use technology tools and digital landscape navigation to generate leads, foster engagement, and guide prospects through the sales cycle. Presenters will also share lessons to help you equip and train your sales team to leverage the power of technology.

  • Marybeth Roberts, Director of Sales, Marketing & Communications, John Knox Village
  • Mary Jane Fitts, Senior Vice President, Greystone
  • Janel Wait, Co-CEO, AgePop
  • Susan Bogan, Co-CEO, AgePop