Wednesday, October 30, 2024

8:00-9:00 a.m

J. Renewing and Recapitalizing Your Section 8 Property

Are you getting the most out of your Section 8 rental subsidy while balancing the ever-growing compliance obligations that come with these contracts? This session will update you on the latest rules and regulations for the Section 8 program and outline critical information about your Section 8 contracts, including their renewal options. Presenters will show you how mark-to-market and other options outlined in Chapter 15 of the Section 8 Renewal Guide can pave the way to significant recapitalizations, allowing you to tackle big capital needs projects and cash out to finance other activities within your mission. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of how you can benefit from a maximized Section 8 contract.

  • Gates Kellett, Principal, Gates Development Group, LLC
  • Courtney Nuzzo, Executive Director, The Lewinsville