Wednesday, October 30, 2024

9:30-10:30 a.m

K. Reinvent Your Workforce Model through “R” Strategies

If you’re a senior living leader facing workforce challenges—and who isn’t?—it may be time to employ some “R” strategies in your organization. What are “R” strategies? This session will answer that question by highlighting how Otterbein SeniorLife, a multi-state, multisite organization in Lebanon, OH, used several “R” strategies. For example, the organization RECLAIMED and REINVENTED its workforce strategy and RECONFIGURED its traditional Human Resources model by establishing a dedicated Workforce Department. Otterbein also REDEFINED “talent acquisition” as “workforce development” and REIMAGINED its scheduling techniques, labor models, and data metrics. Let the organization’s workforce management executives show you a new way to strengthen your workforce. Come prepared to share innovative ways in which you have reinvented your workforce strategy.

  • Catherine Chiovaro, VP; Workforce Management, Otterbein SeniorLife
  • Jennifer Feeback, Director Workforce Management & Scheduling, Otterbein SeniorLife