Wednesday, October 30, 2024

11:00 a.m-12:00 p.m

L. How to Make Your Life Plan Community More Inclusive

Recent estimates suggest that older adults who belong to racial and ethnic groups are underrepresented among residents of the nation’s approximately 1,900 life plan communities. Many senior living providers acknowledge the growing diversity of the country's older population and are actively seeking ways to promote this diversity within their communities. This session will feature highlights from a study conducted by Mather Institute in Evanston, IL, which explored why life plan communities lack greater ethnic and racial diversity. Presenters will examine promising initiatives that three life plan communities have implemented to increase diversity. Join this session to learn about strategies to make your life plan community more inclusive, including targeted, tailored, and culturally appropriate outreach and marketing methods.

  • Mushira Khan, Senior Research Manager, Mather
  • Paula Ledbetter, Assistant Vice President Marketing, Mather